On this date, 7th June  2017, the appearance  of the birthstar of Lord Muruga, Visakam, coinciding with the pournami day -full moon, in the month  Vaikaasi, there is a surge of effulgent cosmic energy  as the day marks the birthday’ of Lord Muruga.

Lord Muruga in Saravana Poigai

Adults are nothing more than deteriorated children. As adults we never lose the connection with that festive ,fiery sparkling ,crearive playful inner child . Innocence—only innocent  soul  can enter the kingdom of God. As adults the more we can reinvent ourselves with the innerchild ,the more we are going  to find our productivity growing exponentially,,and our creativity firing up so we can radiate  positively in our existence.

Lord Muruga was  at first born as six babies  on six lotus flowers respectively in a small pond  of water grown with reeds —saravana.  He had no biological mother .  Six nymphs { kritikas}became the foster mothers to nurse him  until  Sakti came on scene to unite the six babies into one child. I believe our six senses   born with our body and mind should be under the control  of Sakti .Sanctification  would do  this.  Korravai became thus the mother of Lord Muruga. The birth of Lord Muruga  was long awaited to eliminate the destructive  evil forces  of the demons Taraken,Surapadman and Shinnamuki.  However Lord Muruga had to be equipped with the Vel handed  to him by Siva-Sakti to eliminate evil on the surface of  the then Tamil Nadu. Lord Muruga is acknowledged as Kartikeya in global India Shanmuga in Tamil Nadu. The Lord with six faces—looking in all directions—upward,downward and sideways. Human beings should be able to do same  to be on watch and to proceed  further in life.                        1

The six babies  are our six chakras  governing our six sense organs. And the reeds or Saravana  are the  network of our nervous systems. A co-ordination of our body system is needed  for a healthy and purposeful life.

Lord Muruga in Saravana Poigai 1

By observing VIKAASSIVISAGAM  every year ,we are rejuvenating ourselves by the grace – ARUL  – of Lord Muruga with the consent of  Lord Shiva and Shakti.

The Vel is gnanam ,wisdom ,the supreme intelligence with which we can solve all our problems ,enemity and adversity. Our wise  intelligence acting upon love for one another ,can eliminate all enemity,turning foes into friends as Lord Muruga did with Surapadman,turning him into a rooster  to crow and create awareness for people to think and believe in God. We have to move forward in life. The peocock  is a beautiful means of conveyance to move on.  Lord Muruga is a living God  ,from childhood—BalaMurugan  to  Swaminatha,old aged  ascetic. He is married to our  reincarnating life ,Sri Valli and to our soul, Sri Deiyvayaanei. He is within us ,says Saint Arunagirinather who had vision and experience of the Lord at Thiruvannamalai,  in Tamil Nadu  in the 13th century .  In his Kandha Anubhuti  {Experience with God  } He says that Lord Muruga has a form and is formless depending  on human experience. Praying to Lord Muruga in all righteousness ,with a sincere heart and mind, should arm our intelligence  to perform  unbelieving things we call miracles and get rid  of evil  in all forms. This is the way of liberation  for living  in all happiness. With or without Kavadee  or penance  , our heart should be loaded  with love for the Lord and people around  without any discrimination. Believe in the Lord mission . Lord Muruga was born to redeem the sins in humanity.  Praise to God, the Almighty. Our closed thankful hands towards Him  are  enough. Sing the glory  of the Lord  as per Thiruppugaz !

By Thiru GP Mauree