Muruga is the creation of Siva. He is the energy of Lord Siva. Valli and Deivayani are His two Divine consorts. They represent the Iccha Shakti and the Kriya Shakti of Lord Muruga. Iccha Shakti is the energy of will, while Kriya Shakti is the energy of action. The combination of both implies divine and spiritual success.

The six heads of Lord Muruga represent six attributes such as Jnana (wisdom), Vairagya (dispassion), Bala (Strength), Kirti (fame), Sree (wealth) and Aishwarya (divine powers). The six heads are also synonymous to the six Pranic or vital centres, i.e the six Chakras of the structure of the spiritual body located in the spinal cord.

His vehicle is the peacock which represents the conquer of pride, egoism, and vanity. The cobra under his feet indicates that He is fearless and immortal. When he is not shown with Valli and Deivayanai He stands alone with the Vel. The Vel symbolizes Power and indicates that He is the ruler of the universe. The Vel is also the Jnana Shakti of the Lord. It annihilates ignorances and self-ego. It restores the Jiva to its original abode of pristine glory.


Muruga is also known as Guha, Kumara, Karttikeya, Shanmukha, Subrahmanya, Skanda, Saravanabhava and Velayuda. The word Murugan, in Tamil, denotes ever lasting and undecaying beauty, everlasting youth and Godliness. The worship of Muruga is tantamount to the worship of Nature.

Meditating on Lord Muruga is the surest way to obtain divine and intuitive knowledge of Brahman.

our heritage - subramanya Palani

Danda Pani is also another form of Muruga. In such form, he stands alone, with the Vel but without Valli Deivayanai. In this case, He shows that He can stand without the forces of Desire and Will (Iccha Shakti) and Action (Kriya Shakti) but not without the force of Knowledge (Jnana Shakti).

When Muruga married Deivayanai, He did it by force and without any permission from her parents. This means that Valli is His Desire force (Iccha Shakti). Whilst his wedding with Deivyanai was done with the blessing of Indra who gave his daughter to Muruga following his victory over the Asuras. Deivayanai symbolizes His Action Force (Kriya Shakti).

The sacred text of Kandar Anubhuti reads,

Uruvaai Aruvaai Ulathaai Ilathaai

Maruvaai Malaraai Maniyaai Oliyaai

Karuvaai Uiraai Gathiyaai Vidhiyaai

Guruvaai Varuvaai Arulvaai Gugane


Which means,

With form and formless, what is not and what is,

Flower and fragrance, gem and radiance,

Body and soul, Salvation and rules of righteousness,

O Lord Who comes (as all and) as Guru! O Guha! Bestow Thy Grace.

This is a beautiful verse which Saint Arunagiri expresses his highest experience of God. He portrays the highest state of God-intoxication of a fully illumined jnani.


Nanda Narrainen

Nanda Narrainen is the Founder of Sri Skanda Foundation, a non-governmental organization (NGO) contributing to the religious and spiritual advancement of Hindus in Mauritius. Established in 2011, the Sri Skanda Foundation focuses on the sharing and dissemination of spiritual values for spiritual growth. In the past, he has also lead several NGOs, namely the Dravidian Cultural Association and the Sri Vinayagur Seedalamen Kovil. Nanda is also passionate about yogic studies. He currently teaches Yoga and Pranayama to beginners.