To make our ten day fasting period for Kavadi as fulfilling as possible, certain things need to be oberseved. During those ten days we should strive to live in the most spiritually conducive manner. This entails a proper preparation of the body, a preparation and moulding of the mind and finally, efforts to commune with divine energies, both without and within. This might seem a tough and complicated thing to do, but not at all. We have compiled for you a list of practical things that can be done so as to make the fasting period complete.

How to prepare the body?

  1. Eat a strictly vegetarian diet, without onions and garlic if possible.
  2. Eat lightly spiced food.
  3. Do not eat overly oily food.
  4. Eat a lot of fruits and fresh vegetables and consume fresh juices.
  5. Do not eat food prepared outside your home.
  6. Take a bath at least twice a day.
  7. Wear clean clothes
  8. Excercise and do Hatha Yoga (if you know Asanas/ postures)
  9. Observe complete celibacy.
  10. Sleep on the ground if possible.

How to prepare the mind?

Now, this might require more effort. But, it is what the 10 day period is all about, effort and striving to be better.

  1. As soon as you wake up chant ‘AUM’ 9 times.
  2. Take up some physical work commitments at the temple (like cleaning, helping with decorations etc..)
  3. Keep your thoughts on Lord Muruga while doing any work.
  4. During the ten days, keep your discussions with friends and family, centered around Lord Muruga and spiritual matters.
  5. Strive to maintain celibacy in thought.
  6. Avoid entertainment on television, uncessary browsing on the internet or watching general movies.
  7. Listen to devotional songs and chantings.
  8. Do charity.
  9. Work seriously towards being less angry with people and situations.
  10. Express gratitude to everyone around you.

How to commune with divine energies?

A 10 day fasting period is the ideal time to strive and tune with divine energies, specially  that of Lord Muruga, both in an outer way and deep within.

  1. Perform prayers at home daily.
  2. Read, understand and recite hymns to Lord Muruga such as Thiruppugazh, Kanda Sashti Kavasam, Kumarastavam etc. Try to recite the Avinassipathu as far as possible.
  3. Perform 108 Japam on AUM SARAVANABHAVA or simply AUM.
  4. Meditate. (If you do not know how to meditate, it is the perfect moment to start learning.)
  5. Go to the temple daily and make an effort to feel Lord Muruga’s presence during prayers.



Prepared and brought to you by,

Malai Kovil press team.