The Aandu Pirappu day which was on the 14th of April 2017, is deep with meaningful situations for all people inclusive the celebrants, to think and reflect on ways and means of how to plan the processes of life during the coming year. It is not astronomy that we study in the Panjangam, the Tamil almanac, but the interrelational effects of planets and stars in the universe and on the earth. It is all a science of nature and its implications.

Each individual is influenced by natural forces. They may be an opportunity or a deterrent in their life. Here lies the mystery of astrology. Each individual must consult his astrological chart. The real assurance lies in the availability of genuine astrologers for correct consultation. Please avoid the fake priest who easily mislead people. But the crux of Panjangam reading lies in determining the effect of the universal elements on the climate with repercussions on the planet.

The most important exercise is to calculate the frequency and the impact of rainfall over the countryside. Rain is as sacred as Godliness. No rain, no life and no festivities. If it is found that the rain will be scarce during the year, the only solution available to human beings is Prayers. Only God can instruct nature to cause rain to fall. In the Thirukkural, Thiruvalluvar attracts the attention of people to the prime importance of God and the excellence of rain in the first two chapters. God is the sole creator of the universe and life and there is no life without water. These two chapters should be studied with good understanding on the first day of the Aandu Pirappu. We need to seek God’s grace and think ways and means to develop water\land\ housing management for the year – a time for planning .


Officials from meteorological services may be of some help for informing on the annual weather forecasts to gain a better understanding of weather conditions in the country. However Thiruvalluvar proposes a weird solution in the Thirukkural. In chapter 6 verse 55, Thiruvalluvar indicates that a chaste woman can cause rain to fall. Yes it looks impossible by its rarity. It had happened in Chennai in the year 2010. A lady saint of Kerala did it in Chennai upon supplication from the CEO of Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board, the Saint granted the wish and three days later rain started falling and lasted during the summer time. Thiruvalluvar confirmed this possibility. Only a saint woman, a wife or not, can appease God and give rain to the people. Sincere prayers to Maariamman may lead to rain showers for the earth. During the reading of the Panjangam, all religious ceremonies are given to propitiate God to obtain rain. For an agricultural economy, the National product and the aggregate national income can only be calculated if rain falls in the right quantity.

The Hevilambi Aandu as the name suggests will be of very slow movement . This will be due to the impact of continuing calamities —firebreakouts, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, landsliding, tsunamis, metro, airplanes, ship, road accidents and outbreaks of diseases. Unemployment will peak up as a result of economic sloth. Economic activity will be very slow. A world war is announced in the predictions. The relationships between USA, JAPAN, EU, CHINA, NORTH KOREA and MIDDLE EAST may run on a warring state. African states will be troubled by bad governance leading to more poverty and famine. India is under the spell of drought and overheated climate. There is a shortage of 70% in the water supply as at date in Tamil Nadu. People are praying for rain. The borders of India, China and Pakistan are not safe.

But as Thiruvalluvar says that it is the righteousness of the people that matters especially the quality of domestic life. Wickedness in people life may lead to all sorts of calamities. This is the virtue of the Thirukkural “lead a righteous life”. A great decision to be taken on this New Year day. We have to learn how to live with basic essentials as prescribed in the Thirukkural. People should use the Thirukkural as a guide for leading a virtuous life and make all other people happy. Love and hospitality should dominate our attitude and behaviour. Life is all transient says Thiruvalluvar.


In chapter 34 Thiruvalluvar clearly states

* To view the fleeting as everlasting is foolish and degrading.

* Wealth is like a gathering of play -goers, slowly comes but quickly disperses.

* Wealth is impermanent, so one has to use it at once on charitable deeds of lasting value

* One must do noble deeds without delay for death may come anytime.

* Yesterday he was alive but to-day he may be no more. Usual observation.

* Men may not be sure of the next moment yet they do make million plans .

* The soul may quit the body at anytime like the birth of a bird out of shell.

* Death is like falling asleep .But birth is like waking up from sleep.

* The soul has no permanent home . Its temporary shelter is the body.

However we should not be pessimistic at all. Next Tamil NewYear will be Vilambi characterised by some sloth but the years after will start brightening and will end eventually in greater happiness for mankind.


Article by,

Thiru Gopalsamy Pillay Mauree