Praying is not simply reciting scripts written by saints or expressing wishes or soliciting desires to the Lord. Rituals may be important to some extent depending on the communicating skill of the devotee and/or priest. It is quite a natural act to request something from God. However if one accepts the Grace of God ,one must have unquestioned faith in God. One must know the nature of God.

In Kandhaanubhuti { experience with God} Lord Muruga appeared to Saint Arunagirinadar and revealed to him his nature and talked through the mouth of the Saint. He told Arunagirinathat that He {the Lord} resides in the depth of his soul and he is formless and he can adore him in a form of his like. This is the nature of Lord Muruga. Anyone praying to Lord Muruga must know the nature of the God. Lord Muruga would make his presence felt to a devotee who discovers Him by focus leading through yogam into meditation. This can be attained by listening to the words of the Lord given through the tongue of Arunagirinaathar as underlined in Murugan paamaalai such as Thirupugazh, Kandhaanubhuthi, Kandar Alangaaram, Singing Avanassipattu and Kadirkama maalai can also lead to communion with the Lord. A firstly respect paid to Kaval deivam of Lord Murugan, Sri Idumben, is always advisable. Ideally every Murugan Kovil should have an Idumban Sannidhi infront to allow entry into the Murugan kovil premises. Anyone can see it at Corps de Gardes malai koil.

Lord Muruga bears many names and forms for separate functions and our prayers could be so directed. In fact the Lord knows each and everyone and knows what one wants and in which situation one lies. He is prepared to listen to the need we deserve. We must request it from the heart and the mind altogether. Lord Muruga grants boons to the deserving persons. History is replete with such boons.

The Lord is a child –Balamurugan—Pray to him for the wellbeing of the child under your care. The strength of the child is innocence and boldness. The child is not afraid to handle a dangerous animal. The Lord is Swaminathan—old is his human form to teach you everlasting wisdom to reach salvation. Pray for real education and wisdom and shine everywhere with the help of Guru. The Lord Murugan marries Valli and Deivayanai—marriage is made in heaven—pray for your successful marriage ,with or without children. The goodhouseholder goes as a god to heaven—Thiruvalluvar. The Lord is the supreme Vaitheeyasvaran, the celestial doctor pray for your physical/mental/spiritual health. The famous temple is at Nagarkoil. The Lord is Skandar kartikeyan , Aarumugam , the ruler of worldspace. He was blessed by Korravai, mother Kali at Saravanapoigei. Pray for safety in the universe, in space, on sea and on land. Lord Muruga is the protector of humanity. He is the commander of all divine forces and eliminate all evils and devils by transforming them from their bad state to deva state, like he did with Surapadman. Pray to annihilate evil spirits around you. Chant Skandashasti Kavasam.

Lord Muruga is the God to pray to. He is the first son of God for human beings but He is God for all creation. This is the meaning of AUM. Lord Muruga revealed the truth to the three Lords Shiva,Brahma and Vishnu. Lord Krishna made a revelation in the Bagavatgita that He was Lord Skanda himself. If our devotion to God is pure and sincere Lord Muruga lives in our body and soul. He energises our six chakras in our astral body , we survive whims and caprices of nature.


Murugan is also known as Kumaraswami, Mahasena, Skanda, kartikeya and Guha.

In the Attarva Veda Skanda is described as Agnibhu ,the son of Agni. He came out as boulders of fire from Lord Shiva’s soul . Skanda is also portrayed as the son of Rudra, a fierce form of Shiva. In Chandogyopanishad, Naradar, the mystic traveller was mentally sick and he was cured by the efficient light and divine wisdom of Lord Skanda.


Gopalsamy Pillay Mauree