The month of Chittirai is the first month of the yearly Tamil calendar and it is noteworthy that the South Indian Tamil Hindus and their families in the Diaspora countries sing the glories of their God on the Chittirai Pournami day, 27th day of Chittirai in the Hevilambi Aaandu , Wednesday 10th May 2017.

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In Mauritius the Chittirai Pournami Paruvam is celebrated with grand favour by devotees bearing cavadees to offer pure milk to their lord Siva Subramanya, the Tamil God on the mount of Corps de Garde. Milk is synonymous to nourishing Satvik food for the new born child. Carrying a cavadee for Lord Murugan is following an instruction given by the Lord to his guardian Idumban, telling him that whosoever carries a cavadee while doing penance and prayers towards Him with the sincerity of heart and mind will receive His Arul, His Grace.

Our forefathers the indentured labourers and artisans from India and Sri Lanka built three great Kovils in honour of the Tamil God, Murugan,namely the Dhandayudapaani Thirukovil at Clemencia { it is on the list to become an historic monument} the Sivasoopramanier Thirukovil on Mount Corps de Garde ,Q.Bornes and the Soopramanier Thirukovil at Ile D’Ambre. The three Murugan Murthis look quite similar. They look to be of the same origin. Sri La Sri Pandrimalai Samigal, a Namasivaya Siddhar and Sivaraja Yogi, a perfect Master explained when He was in Mauritius on 12th March 1976 that all religions are one; all faiths lead to God. His mission is to serve God and through God Grace to serve humanity. He serves God irrespective of provincial, geographical or sectarian consideration. He believes there is one community ,that is mankind. People like to talk unnecessarily about religion and spirituality to get rid of ego and what not and this swami said that the best satsang is to keep company with the Lord through Yoga. Carrying a cavadee is a form of yoga. Swamigal informed people around him that He had felt the presence of Lord Muruga in three places in the world…at Palani in Tamil Nadu , at BatuCaves in Malaysia and at Clemencia in Mauritius.

Lord Murugan as known in Tamil Nadu is purely Supreme Beauty . It was revealed that Lord Murugan was born from the essence of beauty sparked by the rising sun on the natural settings of greenness among flowers , rivers and mountains. Only beholders of such magnificent bliss could explain the name of Murugan given to their God sparked by the boulders of fire and light originated from the Sun. Such beauty cannot be described by any human being. We cannot see the essence of beauty although we can see the form in terms of shape and colours. The form of the Lord is changeless as his beauty is changeless and the Lord cannot be acquired through material gains. He is youthful, adult-like and old-aged at the same time. He takes the form of human and gets married to unite Himself with humanity. Our six chakras can be immortalized by his presence in the six veedus. Saint Arunagirinathar experienced his presence in his self at the end of his mundane life. His mother and father –Sakti /Shiva transformed their Trisulams into a Vel and gifted Lord Murugan to enable Him to give moksha to deserving people whose death\life form ,Atma, can be absorbed into its original form, the source we call God .

When the Trisulam caters for our three lives through its three prongs—physical, astral and spiritual, the Vel accommodates all the lives into its spear, ultimate Gnanam, for redemption. Lord Murugan liberates the Soul. In the northern part of India Lord Murugan is known as Kartikeya. The Lord was seen born as six babies on six lotus flowers ,was merged into One as Kartikeya with six faces, twelve arms and one body by his Mother in her kaliform , Kotravai.

Most importantly the six faces have six different divine functions as prescribed by Saint Nakkirar.


Saint Arunagirinathar, in his great Thiruppugazh says:





The six faces are but One. 

Face one whose body travels on the peacock —supervises the universe . Meaning —He is God 

Face two whose mouth murmurs the meaning of Aum in the ear of Lord Shiva ,Meaning– He is the Supreme Guru 

Face three whose blessings destroy the bad karma of sincere devotees meaning He is the ultimate savior of human kind by giving moksha to the Soul. He alone is the Supreme liberator of the Soul. 

Face four whose arm wields the Vel to destroy all obstacles in life and give relief to devotees.He is the Supreme protector . His Vel is Shakti,Gnanam and Vettri !!!. 

Face five whose grace transforms the demon Surapadman into a cock and a peacock and accomodate them. All beings if they ask for can be redeemed by Lord Muruga.. 

Face six whose heart is united with Sri Valli is God who loves all his creation. 

O Lord Muruga May you reveal your identity from your domain at Arunachala Thiruvannamalai 

This should be the wish of the Soul whose love for God cannot be questioned.

We carry kavadee on the full moon day in the month of Chittirai as it is the first month of the Tamil New year. Murugan is revered as the God of the muruganar Tamilians. Lord Murugan has created a whole civilization with the Tamil language as the central motor for cultural and religious development. Pournami is the time when the maximum of natural light is reflected on humanity. In some literary text it is said that at this particular time Lord Shiva and Parvathi visit Lord Dhandayudapani who withdraws himself on mount Palani far away from mount Kailash. All deities try to gather near them. This occasion is said to be effective for prayers to God through Sakti Ammen.

We offer kavadis strewn with flowers, medicinal herbs and coconut leaves to Lord Muruga on the following occasions

* On TAIPPOOSAM—Lord Muruga received the Saktivel from His Mother and Father—Siva Sakti and he eliminated Tarakasooran on that day at Palani.The poossam star was high in the sky. This happens in the month of Thai,the harvest season in Tamil Nadu..

* On MAASSIMAGAM —-Lord Muruga explained the meaning of Pranava Om to Lord Shiva on Swamimalai mountain in Tamil Nadu ,establishing himself as the universal Guru.

* On PANGUNI UTTIRAM –Lord Muruga married Sri DEIVAYANEI, his celestial partner ,the first daughter of Mahavishnu in heaven. The marriage took place at Thiruparankunram .It also means that Lord Muruga as God impregnated the human soul.

* On STTIRAI POURNAMI – the first Pournami of the first month, Chittirai, of the Tamil year. He is adorned as the God of the Tamil in the beginning of the spring season.

* VAIGAASSI VISAGAM – the birth of Lord Muruga on Saravana water lotuses.

* AADI KARTIGAI –Lord Muruga became Lord Kartikeyan by the wish of Shakti {korravai} He became one body with six heads ,twelve arms on two feet,He became the Lord all powerful to destroy all negative forces and human sins and bad karmas and restores everlasting bliss to human soul. It is a good time to praise and thank the six nourishing mothers of the Lord.,the Kartigai pengal who look upon us from the sky.

* SKANDA SHASTI – Lord Muruga exterminated the demon Surapadman; at Thiruchendur and upon his beseech for immediate moksha ,Surapadman was pulled out of a mango tree and transformed as a peacock –mayil and a rooster ,the cock. As per his dying wish,he became the emblem of Lord Muruga showing that Lord Muruga redeems the karmas of people and he replaced the usual peacock as the mount of the Lord. The former peacock revived back as Indira who was squashed by the Lord for his arrogant nature . The rooster is selfawareness.The peacock is moving with God.

We learn in kandapuranam Lord Muruga married Sri Valli thenafter at Tiruttani and brought her along with Deivayanai to Katirkaamam in Sri Lanka, from where they ascended heaven. Valli is our reincarnated life and Deivayaanai is our soul.


Thiru G.P Mauree