Prostrations to the holy feet of Lord Ganapati and Lord Muruga!

Dear Readers, Devotees…Vanakkam!

In this era of intense digital interconnectivity, the need to be present on the virtual world is crucial. We spend quite a good deal of our time online and do so much of things that would have maybe some years ago been tedious or tiresome. Realising this, in 2009, we created a facebook page for the kovil to keep devotees and the general public abreast of temple related information and activites. And in 2011 we came up with a website. Continuing in the same line of thought and taking into account the fast-paced evolution in communication, we bring to you this blog and online space where information can be at your reach at any time. This blog is a more detailed and in-depth extension of our facebook page.

Basically, this blog will serve as an information point about temple activities and events, but it will also more and more in the future serve as a tool to disseminate religious, spiritual and cultural materials so as to equip everyone with proper knowledge and understanding. We live in times where confusion is reigning supreme and the need for proper information and guidance is being felt more than ever.

We hope you will enjoy this endeavour and stay connected to the temple and its activities.

Much more to come.

Stay tuned.


The Malai Kovil Press team!